Duck Fat, 1/4 lb (for Confit)

Duck Fat, 1/4 lb (for Confit)

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Duck fat is used in making one of the finest French dishes: Duck Confit.

It can also be used to make duck fat fries or duck fat donuts, possibly the best fries or donuts you will ever have.

Please contact us to reserve in advance for special occasions.

Made from 24/7 free-range Pekin ducks.

Humanely raised outdoors with no antibiotics, no hormones, no gavage, no confinement, no medicated feed, no medicated water, no shots, and chlorine evaporated from water supply. No herbicides or pesticides used on the land.

Raised in area with no nearby farms which protects from crop dusting and fertilizer run-off.

Estate packaged in a clean, kind, small-batch environment.


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