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Embden Goose, whole

Embden Goose, whole

Normaalihinta $199.99 USD
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta $199.99 USD
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
Fresh or Frozen


Humanely raised in small flock with no antibiotics, no hormones, no gavage, no confinement, no medicated feed, no medicated water, no shots, and chlorine evaporated from water supply.

Raised in area with no nearby farms which protects from crop dusting and fertilizer run-off.


Breed: Embden

Free range, 24/7 outdoor living

Average weight 6 lbs.

Shipping: Frozen only, ships to US only (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico).

Local Delivery: Will be delivered in the Albuquerque area on Saturdays. Available fresh or frozen.

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