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*Goose Egg

*Goose Egg

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One of the best-tasting eggs is the egg of a duck or goose. The yolk is much bigger and very rich and creamy.

People with chicken egg allergies are able to eat goose eggs.

They are also used in fitness and body-building.

Goose eggs are from 24/7 free-ranging Embden Geese.

3.5"x2.25" ~6.5oz

These will be unwashed to keep the coating intact.

No Hormones, no anti-biotics, no medication in food or water, no vaccinations, no pesticide, no herbicide, no nearby factory farms, so no crop dusting, no fertilizer run off/contamination of air/groundwater, herbicides, pesticides. Chlorine is evaporated out of the water supply in a system of tanks.

We do not use wing clipping, debeaking, gavage (confinement with force feeding) nor live plucking.

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